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Any students on an individualized education plan (IEP) or service plan (SP) qualify for the intervention program. Students on an accommodation plan (504 or SEGO) are able to receive their accommodations through the intervention program at Lake Catholic.
If the student has any of these plans, they need to be provided to Lake Catholic as soon as possible for the intervention team to review (sending in with the application is preferred). When the intervention team review the plan, it will determine how it will schedule and service the student.
Students with an IEP or SP will receive their services during a regularly scheduled study hall, so they are not pulled from their classes. This allows them more than three and a half hours of service time per week.
Additionally, students are able to take any tests or quizzes with the intervention specialists which allows for testing accommodations including small group testing, extended time, and read aloud as indicated on the student’s IEP or SP.
All students at Lake Catholic will be on a SEGO plan because Lake Catholic is a private institution. If the student enrolls
504, a meeting will take place to convert the 504 to SEGO (a diocesan form), which will still include the student’s accommodations.
General education teachers will work with the student to provide their accommodations. If listed as an accommodation, they are also able to work with the intervention specialists to receive their small group testing, tests read aloud, extended time, and other testing accommodations.
Students bringing a 504 or SP from another school may not receive all of the same services on their plan as deemed appropriate by the Lake Catholic intervention team for the high school setting.

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