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Lake Catholic High School strives to provide opportunities that support the development of the whole student. Our identity as a Catholic high school in the Diocese of Cleveland and our role as a Catholic educational community are centered in the religious education, spiritual development and faith formation of all students. Our campus ministry office provides multiple opportunities for students to extend classroom education and theory into active faith practices by living the Gospel in our school environment, in local parishes/churches and in the greater community. These opportunities highlight the spiritual development and strengthen the expression of the Lake Catholic mission. They are considered core educational and service experiences for students. It is this unique dimension that captures our identity as Lake Catholic High School.

The heart of the Lake Catholic experience lies in the active inclusion of every student to participate, learn, and thrive throughout our diverse Ministry and Service programs and events. We prepare our students to succeed in the next chapter of their life by teaching the model of our patron, Saint Thomas Aquinas. Together, we empower the Lake Catholic community to encounter Jesus, self and others, through prayer, service and social justice.

During the school year, all students will participate in several faith experiences, including (but not limited to): liturgies, prayer services, retreats, ministry events, daily prayer and service experiences. Students also enjoy a partnership with St. John Vianney Parish and the support of the surrounding Catholic parishes in our greater community which allow for the presence and the additional support of clergy throughout the area. This comprehensive program allows all students the opportunity to learn, reflect, develop, evaluate and lead faith formation experiences while living the Gospel message in practical, daily life.

Our non-Catholic students also fully participate in these activities as they relate to the education requirements and the core curriculum of our school. By learning Catholic concepts through classroom studies and participation in active experiences, the intent is for non-Catholic students to learn about, to develop an appreciation for and to respect Catholic principles as they relate to living an active faith life—not to convert from his or her own organized faith.

Extending our school philosophy and mission further into our core curriculum, our service program is an integral, mandatory part of a Lake Catholic education. Participation in this program is a requirement for all our students, allowing them to carry their academic classroom learning into the greater community where they foster a spirit of respect and compassion, and develop a willingness to serve and earn experience within a variety of environments. Through this format, students have specific opportunities to use their gifts and talents as active, educated leaders living the Gospel in a rapidly changing world.

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